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Welcome to Macrobiotic ShopDavid, Nicola & Kerry McCarthy

We wish you a very warm welcome. 

At Macrobiotic Shop we source pure food and deliver it to you.

High quality, natural food offers human beings nothing less than the greatest possible life potential in terms of energy, health and psychological wellbeing.  The production of such food is sustainable and therefore good for our planet. By eating pure food, you work in harmony with the planet and everything on it.

We hope you are able to find all the ingredients you need here plus any new items you might like to try. Remember our website is regularly updated with responsibly sourced, competitively priced ingredients that are naturally delicious, nutritious and additive/sugar/dairy-free.

And make sure you keep up to date with our Blog and Recipes where you can gain important information, cooking tips and guidance on improving your health, vitality and balance according to the season.

Or why not visit us at Big Life Organics, 112 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4LL. Come to a macro cooking class. Or have a consultation with Macrobiotic Shop founder and Kushi Institute accredited Health Counsellor, David McCarthy. See the relevant sections of our site for more details.


David McCarthy: Founder

With a successful career as a pharmacist and businessman spanning more than 30 years, David has always been closely involved in the health industry.  But when his 10-year-old son was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1997, David was forced to re-evaluate his views on what traditional Western medicine could offer.  Instead, he turned to the healing powers of food and, through introducing Jonathan to a Vegan diet, succeeded in prolonging his son's life far beyond the medical prognosis.

Following Jonathan's passing, David immersed himself in the study of macrobiotics, graduating from the Kushi Institute of Europe as a macrobiotic counsellor and teacher.  He offers personalised health, lifestyle and dietary consultations in Haywards Heath, West Sussex and is now one of the most highly regarded advocates of the wide-ranging health benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle in the UK.

Nicola McCarthy: Founder

A reflexologist, massage therapist, Reiki healer and mother of three, Nicola suffered with recurrent health problems for many years before switching to a macrobiotic diet.  Nicola made a commitment to take her interest in Macrobiotics further, and following years of study, is now a skilled chef.  Her enthusiasm for her subject is contagious and she has even been known to provide Macrobiotic food for the odd Hollywood celebrity.  A graduate of the prestigious Kushi Institute of Europe, Nicola loves to teach macrobiotic cooking, offering practical advice and skills from beginner to advanced.  Nicola is co-founder of Big Life Organics and Macrobiotic Shop, macrobiotic wholefood store and teaching centre in the UK, along with her husband David.

How Macrobiotics Changed My Life by Nicola McCarthy

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