East Grinstead Courier and Observer 10-3-11

The country's first Macrobiotic food shop has opened in Forest Row...

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East Grinstead Courier and Observer 23-6-11

A Masterchef winner's list of exotic ingredients for a food show left organisers stumped. But a Forest Row shop was able to provide all that was neeeded to create the wacky dishes...

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This article appeared in the .... issue of Style magazine.

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Natural Health Magazine

This article appeared in the .... issue of Natural Health magazine.

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Alzheimer’s can be prevented by David McCarthy

With Bin Laden out of the way, America might perhaps turn its attention to an even greater threat. 50% of adults in the US and Europe are overweight and according to yesterday’s heavily publicized study from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, this means they are 80% more likely to be diagnosed with some form of dementia in later life.

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