A Man in the Kitchen

A Man in the Kitchen


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"Warren S. Wepman's new cookbook, A Man in the Kitchen, is essential reading for every man and boy (as well as for the women and girls who admire, love and cook for them). It is important in today's modern world that everyone - male and female - know how to cook and prepare delicious, healthful meals and participate in some way in the family's regular meal preparation" - Michio Kushi, from the Foreword In A Man in the Kitchen, Warren S. Wepman encourages men to shake off the cliche that men hammer and women cook. More than 100 delicious, hardy dishes are included in this book, including Brown Rice Wafffles, Vegetable Chow Mein, Aduki Beans with Dried Chestnuts, Vitality Soup and Pecan Pie.

By Warren S.Wepman

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