Anna Rodgers - Miss Eco Glam

25th Nov, 2011

I first visited the Macrobiotic Shop back in October of 2011 - I could not believe how many rare items were sold in there, all of the different types of amazing food, as well as some of the best (and hard to find) beauty brands (including makeup) I have come across.

It was surprising to find all of these amazing things in a little village outside London! I had lunch there one day with a friend and couldn't get over how wonderful the food tasted. And the sweets and cookie - Oh My! All that taste and no sugar!

About a month later I returned for an evening with the owners who put on a beautiful 3 course dinner. Again, the food outstanding (it's actually made me want to go macrobiotic now!), but what was so refreshing was meeting David and Nicola. I have been in the natural health world for a few years now and have met many people, but none are as genuine and as real as this lovely couple. They really care about everything they are doing and are wanting to spread the word about healthy living. The Macrobiotic Shop is now my all time favourite cafe and health food shop!


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