Sarah Best - Journalist, Blogger and Editor

26th Jan, 2012

This place has changed my life! With most "health stores" offering numerous ranges laced with dairy and refined sugar, I love knowing that when I shop here I don't have to check those labels quite as carefully. Not only that, but it's a treasure trove of hard-to-find ingredients - things that are literally not available anywhere else in the UK. If you follow a macrobiotic lifestyle, are curious about trying it, want to enjoy better health and/or higher consciousness, or even just enjoy wholesome food that tastes amazing, you'll be delighted you found this store. I love that the staff are always friendly and ready to answer questions, and I also highly recommend the classes, which cover everything from making your own sushi and sugar-free desserts, to telling your yin from your yang. If you're new to macrobiotics you'll be amazed not only at what a treat this food is to eat, but how easy it is to make. There is nowhere else in the UK that does macrobiotic the way Macrobiotic Shop does. That's thanks to the passion, energy and dedication of owners Nicola and David. They have created something very special here.  

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