About Our Products

Where do our products come from and why?


At the Macrobiotic Shop we are aware of what we put in and on our bodies and it's very important to us that we source all of our products from suppliers that have a high standard of quality, be it organic or foods grown in less polluted areas and foods that are grown in rich soil biodiversity. 

We don't stock foods that are full of preservatives or human-made chemicals. We stock pure, "living" plant-based foods such as miso, shoyu, ume plums and fresh organic local vegetables that have strong healing properties, such as burdock and daikon. 

Because of our instinctive awareness of how food can make us feel physically, spiritually and mentally, we also search out the best quality suppliers from around the world to help provide the Macrobiotic Shop with the healthy, healing foods that we all need.  Sometimes these foods can take a while to enter the shop, but we will not be dropping our high standards as it's very important to us that people should have the basic right to eat healthy foods without impacting negatively on the environment and on nature. 

Eating in a macrobiotic way brings us closer to nature in a caring, compassionate way and brings us into a sense of peace and balance within ourselves.  It can also help us to take back some control of how we want to live in this world and helps with taking back some control over healing and recovery and can be used as a preventative to some diseases. 




TerraSana was founded in 1990 by Kees Barnhard in the Netherlands. They specialise in organically grown foods and aim to give products which taste great and maintain the environment. As a company, it works with small, local producers to encourage sustainability and good working relations. 

Muso - Muso is originally a macrobiotics company that has been collecting wonderful Japanese products and ingredients from small suppliers around Japan for more than 50 years now, using authentic methods. What makes the Muso products so different? Their macrobiotic background means they will never make concessions when it comes to quality. They have so much respect for nature that they will always follow primal forces. They see macrobiotics as a way of life. So for Muso, only the best, purest and most authentic products and ingredients are good enough. Muso was established by Yuko Okada. Inspired by George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics, he and his wife started the company Muso. He later passed the company on to his son, Seigo, who is now director.

Muso ensures that the processes remain 100% traditional and authentic. The company wants to combat the trend towards increasingly refined foodstuffs and accelerated production processes, which have a negative impact on the quality of our food. So the fermentation periods that many Japanese products go through are never accelerated by Muso. Nature must be allowed to run its course, even though the processing takes more than 18 months (for soy sauces and misos, for example).