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Yansen (Dandelion Root Concentrate) is quick, simple and easy to use. Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of Yansen in an 8 ounce cup of hot water or tea, stir and drink while hot. It may also be taken directly.

Eudesmanolides, a group of compounds that give dandelion root its bitter side, are believed to stimulate the appetite and promote healthy digestion and is good for the liver. The plants that grow in the north have strong "Yang" nature, particularly the root which grows straight down. The advantage of dandelion is that from the roots to the flower, every part of the plant has medical qualities. This liquid is effective for swells and abrasions. Also there are substances found in dandelions which help stimulate breast milk.

The dandelion roots are harvested before the plant blossoms, when the energy of the plant is concentrated in the root. The roots are washed, chopped into small pieces and simmered over a low flame for several hours. The cooking water is then strained to remove impurities. The roots are simmered again in the strained water and stirred periodically until it becomes a thick paste. The concentrate is then sealed in dark glass bottles to preserve freshness. Yansen contains no artificial coloring agents, preservatives or additives.

The Chinese have recognized the medicinal quality of the dandelion, particularly the roots, and have used it effectively for centuries in reducing swelling, activating urination, cystitis, jaundice, sterilization against infection and much more. Generally, spring flowers and herbs are effective in breaking down body fat accumulated in winter and conditioning the body to adjust to the summer season. Yansen help to maintain a strong and healthy body.

A perennial herb that is a member of the daisy family, dandelion grows wild especially in temperate climates.  For thousands of years, in both the East and West, dandelion Taraxacum officinale or Leontodon utumnales has been valued as a food and beverage, and for its health promoting properties. Chinese and Japanese herbalists have used dandelion leaves, stems and roots for thousands of years. Written records from the 10th century mention the wide use of dandelion by Arabian physicians. There are also written records of dandelion being used by Ayurvedic practitioners in India and many Native American tribes.


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