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Plant-based nutrition for endurance sports

Saturday 25 November to Saturday 25 November


The Old Winery,
S33 7ZA


Sat 25 November 2017 from 11:00 until 16:00


Sat 25 November 2017 from 11:00 until 16:00

Whether you are an experienced runner, cyclist or triathlete considering the benefits of a plant-based diet or a vegetarian/vegan who is looking to step up to new distances and challenges in the sport of your choice, this course will give you the confidence to try new foods which will benefit your performance and overall health. More and more endurance athletes are discovering how a plant-based wholefoods diet can increase their longevity in their sport through improved recovery.

This course will be led by Ishmael Burdeau, former elite cyclist turned ultra cyclist and ultra runner who has competed in such events as The 2,200 mile Transcontinental Cycle Race and the 268 mile winter trail running event, The Spine Race. On the course Ishmael will work with Georgina Richardson, an experienced macrobiotic chef and part-time ultra runner to guide you through a range of questions around the complex subject of sports nutrition for plant-based athletes.

Here’s a selection of the things which will be covered on the day:

  • A short history of sports nutrition and where we are today
  • Plant-based protein sources
  • Understanding the importance of alkaline and acid on the human body
  • Eating for growth and recovery
  • How to improve endurance by moving from a high carbohydrate diet to a low carbohydrate one
  • Pre and post event foods
  • Choosing and preparing homemade and commercial sports foods
  • Eating for 24 hour or multi-day ultra events

We will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn some simple and delicious vegan recipes through a combination of cooking demos and hands-on food preparation. A delicious vegan hot lunch will be provided, as well as drinks and snacks throughout the day.

The course will take place in the beautiful village of Edale, nestled just below Kinder Scout in the Peak District. It’s a wonderful area for road cycling, mountain biking and trail running, so this could be the ideal way to get your preparation for the 2018 season started right.




20% discount will be given to each student to use in the shop after the class.