Growing Rice in Your Garden by Wayne Weber




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"A Practical Approach to Cultivating Organic Varieties" In this booklet, Wayne Weber shows you how you can grow rice in your backyard, community garden, or apartment windowbox. According to conventional wisdom, rice will only grow in hot, warm climates and needs endless water. Wayne and other organic gardeners and farmers have developed ways to grow rice in the Midwest, Southeast, New England, and virtually everywhere in the United States! Their germination rate topped 98%. While water is important, there are upland or dryland varieties that require less moisture than paddy varieties and can be planted directly in the soil. In clear, step-by-step fashion, Wayne explains how to obtain rice seeds in the hull, how to prepare seed flats to make mini-rice paddies, how to germinate the rice, how to transplant the seedlings and how to harvest the crop and save seeds. Practically anyone can grow beautiful, delicious, organic rice using this method.

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