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Speciality teas from Japan - Organic

In Japan, nothing is drunk more than green tea. Kukicha, sencha and hojicha are three green tea varieties that come from the same bush. The difference in the end result is due to the time of picking, the processing, sorting (leaves or stalks) and additional processes (whether or not toasting takes place).
These teas come from the tea region in Japan: Shiga as the climate is warm and humid. Shiga is a place where high-quality tea has been grown for 400 years.

These speciality teas are processed straight after harvesting, as this gives the best flavour the special umami taste is found in all three varieties of green tea picked with care, sorted, processed and approved by real experts.

Sencha has a slightly bitter, fresh, umami flavour. Kukicha has a strong flavour with a lot of umami. Hojicha has a round, earthy, smoky flavour.

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