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Miso - Centuries-old seasoning

Miso is one of the oldest and most important Japanese seasonings. Most Japanese people still have a bowl of miso soup for breakfast. Miso has an incomparable, savoury, umami flavour and is a great addi- tion to your daily diet, thanks to its versatility!

The best thing about miso is the long fermentation process. This represents craftsmanship, authenticity and a desire to create perfect flavours.
Miso is made from soy beans fermented with koji, possibly in combination with fermented brown rice, white rice or barley. The colour of the miso says something about the length of the fermentation process and the strength of the flavour. The darker the colour, the longer the fermentation took and the stronger the flavour.

Four unique varieties | fermented soy paste

Hatcho miso - min. 24 months - soya bean - very strong

Genmai msio - min.18 months - soya beans and brown rice - medium strong

Mugi msio - min.18 months - soya beans and barley - strong

Shiro miso - 2-6 weeks - rice and soya beans - mild

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