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Daikon is a long white radish made into 'sengiri' by slicing it into small strips and drying it in the sun. Daikon is already rich in fibre and iron, however when it is dried in the sun it becomes even richer in nutrients, such as vitamin A. Daikon contains diastase which aids digestion and helps to discharge cholesterol from the body.

Basic Preparation: Soak in water for 10 minutes then it is ready to cook. Can be used in soups and vegetable dishes. Dried, sliced daikon radish, especially good cooked with kombu and seasoned with shoyu. Soak the daikon before use and use the soaking water for cooking.

Dried daikon is an extremely popular ingredient in many Japanese - and also macrobiotic - dishes.  After drying, daikon has a distinctly sweet flavour that is very different to the sharper, radish taste of fresh daikon.  It is often used medicinally, in conjunction with shiitake mushrooms, to make a detoxifying tea that dissolves body fats.  Fresh daikon leaves, steeped in boiling water and added to a hip bath, are traditionally used by women in Japan to treat gynaecological problems.

Ingredients: Daikon Radish

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