Terrasana Hato Mugi - Jobs tears




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Dairy Free Organic Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free

Hato Mugi (Job's tears) is a venerable ancient, non-hybrid grain that is prized in Japan for its healthful qualities. Easy to digest, it is most commonly cooked with brown rice in a ratio of 1 part hato mugi to 4 parts rice. Hato Mugi adds flavour and body to soups and stews that require lengthy cooking, such as Split Pea Soup. It should be added early, as it must be boiled for about an hour. O-Kayu (soft rice), is traditionally used in Japan to help restore strength during an illness. To prepare, simmer 1/4 cup hato mugi and 1 cup brown rice in 8 cups water until the grains are very soft, like porridge, then season with umeboshi or miso.

Traditionally taken to cleanse the intestines and for clean skin.


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