Terrasana Kombu

Sea Vegetables



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Dairy Free Gluten Free Organic Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free

Kombu has thick, wide leaves and is a dark green sea vegetable that is rich in minerals. Kombu is often cooked with beans to help soften and reduce their cooking time. A single piece may be re-used several times to flavour stock.

The “bedrock of Japanese cuisine”, kombu is part of the kelp family of seaweeds known as Laminaria which are found all over the world.  It is the basis of dashi, the traditional Japanese broth used as a stock for soups and noodle dishes and contains a great number of rhizomes and the glyconutrients that help strengthen our immune system.  High in vitamins A, B2 and C, calcium and iodine, kombu is a dynamic, therapeutic agent that can protect the body against degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis and many forms of cancer.

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