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Kudzu (kuzu) is a plant that grows wild in the mountains and fields of Japan. It is a very strong plant, it has vines that wrap around trees and eventually pull the trees down. A snow white starch is made from the kuzu root and has been used as a food and medicine by the Japanese since ancient times.

Kuzu is effective in treating colds and cures many ailments. It soothes inflammation, reduces fevers, relieves stress and insomnia. Kuzu has excellent medicinal properties and can be used as a drink for people suffering from a cold or those with a weak constitution. Kuzu is an excellent thickener and is used to thicken desserts and soups.

Basic Preparation: Dilute 1 teaspoon of kuzu per cup of water and place over a low heat stirring constantly until the liquid thickens and turns clear.

Ingredients: starch from the root of the kuzu plant* * = organically grown



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