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Ume is an unusual piece of fruit that can be traced back as one of the oldest Japanese fruits. Fresh ume is not edible so, in Japan, they are salted, dried and pickled. This is a very long process with many different stages. 

Healthy tradition

The powerful acidity from the plum has a paradoxical alkalizing effect on the body, neutralizing fatigue, stimulating the digestion, and promoting the elimination of toxins. This is the Far Eastern equivalent to both aspirin and apple; not only is it a potent hangover remedy for mornings after; more than that, an umeboshi a day is regarded as one of the best preventive medicines available.

Since the 10th century, the Japanese have used umeboshi as a healthy tonic, preservative, antibacterial product and energy drink for samurai warriors. An old Japanese saying goes: “If you drink umeboshi in the morning, you will be protected against evil spirits all day.” In Japanese cuisine and folk medicine, umeboshi has been used for 1000 years to purify water, aid recovery from food poisoning, reduce fever and as a protection against tiredness, general malaise, common illnesses and even hangovers.

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