About Us

Welcome to the Macrobiotic Shop

The online shop was started in 2008 by David and Nicola McCarthy of the Kushi Macrobiotic School UK. Both David and Nicola have gone on to teach macrobiotics full time and the shop was passed on to Georgina Richardson and Ishmael Burdeau at the beginning of 2017.

We now operate from the beautiful area of the Peak District National Park. All our products are hand-picked for their integrity and merit in promoting health and well-being. We have a strong commitment to promote organically certified products and those that have been grown or sourced from high quality, living soil. We are always continuing our search for the best products with our customers health in mind.

Our foods are dairy and refined sugar-free, wholefoods, certified organic and some of our body care range are certified by the Vegan Society. We have listed all the ingredients in each product to help you choose a specific food for your dietary concerns. We are also teaming up with local, organic vegetable and herb growers to bring fresh and seasonal produce to the shop.

Georgina was introduced to Macrobiotics in 2007 and has continued to study both personally and at the Kushi Institute, the International School of Macrobiotics and with Simon Brown. She has also assisted Maria Gillot with cooking demos at the One World Macrobiotics Festival and has been a resident macrobiotic chef in 2013 for a permaculture diploma course in Scotland.  Georgina is also running regular cooking classes in the Sheffield area, see her website: Touch the Earth Wholefoods.

Ishmael Burdeau grew up in a macrobiotic household in Hawaii and Alaska.  He is an experienced ultra runner and ex-elite cyclist.  He is becoming an expert in wild food foraging and fermentation and his interests include Native American food systems.

Together we have struggled in the past with various sensitivities to food and the environment and have each come to realise that a wholefoods, plant-based and macrobiotic way of living and eating helps us to thrive and enables us to live the life we want.