Macrobiotic Health Consultations

David McCarthy, Pharmacist & Macrobiotic Counsellor

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David McCarthy offers macrobiotic health consultations in person in Haywards Heath, West Sussex or via Skype/FaceTime.

How happy are you with your health right now?

Be honest, are you enjoying the life you're living?  Are you happy in body, mind and spirit, easily able to do all the things you were put on this Earth to do? Are you full of energy and firing on all cylinders – or do you know deep down that something is not quite right?

Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

Consultations are offered to those who want to use a macrobiotic approach to improve their health condition.  Patients often come to David with various health issues including, cancer, depression & anxiety, arthritis & joint conditions, allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, heart conditions, diabetes & blood sugar issues, digestive problems including IBS, Chrone's & candida.

Your personalised plan and life-long health

Reclaim your life!

Many people find that despite the medical profession’s best efforts, they are living with long-term unresolved and often debilitating health issues. Managing a chronic condition, however minor, is something many of us are just accepting.

Are you prepared to settle for a life like that? Because you DO have a choice and you CAN take control of your own health.

The path back to health is actually a lot more straightforward than you may think (or may have been told): You are what you eat.  Food is our source of being, and the quality of the food we eat dramatically affects our health and wellbeing, which ultimately determines our outlook on life.

The macrobiotic dietary approach is not a specifically defined diet, since we are all different, live in different environments and we each have different needs.  Macrobiotics is based on eating in a balanced way, so that health and happiness can be restored and maintained.

Consultations may be stand-alone, but more often a greater benefit is achieved as part of a personalised package, to achieve continued improved health, through a deeper understanding of macrobiotics, depending upon the individuals needs.  Clients often opt for bi-monthly or quarterly follow-up sessions.

Prior to the appointment, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire detailing your medical history, any present health issues or other questions you may have.  Initial consultations typically last 1-1 1/2 hrs.  David uses macrobiotic diagnostic techniques, often looking at your face, hands and feet.  It is therefore helpful if the patient wears loose fitting clothes that can be rolled up to their elbows and knees.

The patient will be offered various health, lifestyle and dietary guidance following macrobiotic principles to aid towards improving their health condition.  Each person is individual and will be guided at their own pace.  You will also receive an Ideal Food Pattern booklet with a detailed food list, including foods to avoid or limit, lifestyle recommendations, further reading and some suggested recipes.

Additional support is available through private cooking classes, public classes and Kushi Institute Art of Life residential courses, all held at our teaching school in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Helping you all the way....

David McCarthy is a Pharmacist and experienced Macrobiotic Counsellor and has helped hundreds of people turn their life around. However, David is not a medical doctor and does not offer medical consultations, treatment or advice and the consultations are not intended to be in place of any medical advice or treatment you are receiving or may require now or in the future.  The advice given during a consultation is fundamentally educational in nature and David's goal is to provide you with dietary and lifestyle information based on his experience as a Pharmacist and Macrobiotic Counsellor.


If you must cancel or change your appointment, David asks that you give him at least 24 hours notice in advance.  If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment or cancel within 24 hours you will be invoiced for the cost of the appointment.

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“I never realised how much my diet affected my physical and mental wellbeing until I met David McCarthy and changed to a macrobiotic way of eating. The transformation in just a few weeks has been unbelievable. I sleep better, have boundless energy during the day, my skin has cleared up and all those little aches and pains I used to take for granted have just disappeared!  What’s more, I’m rediscovering my love for real food, and the meals I now cook at home have never looked or tasted better. I should have done this years ago!”
"Having been unwell with allergy and digestive issues since I was a teenager I have tried pretty much every diet and health option….or so I thought.  The opening of Big Life Organics was the start of a big change in my life.  I went to one of David’s talks and everything he said made so much sense.  I continued with Nicola and David’s 5 week macrobiotic course and then a consultation with David.  The changes in diet David suggested have been gradual but have had a dramatical effect.  After 9 months of eating in a macrobiotic way my digestion has transformed, my energy has increased, my joints have stopped aching and (an added bonus!) I have lost a stone in weight"

Little steps to a big life

If you think it’s high time to take control of your own health and are ready to make a long-term positive change, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Armed with a personalised plan to good health, and our continued support, you’ll be going on an exciting journey to healthy living. Be amazed at how much better you will feel as your health and energy levels begin to soar.

At Big Life Organics, we have the knowledge and experience to help you change your health and happiness for good. We offer a personalised approach, tailored to your individual needs and personal situation. This gives us the chance to work closely together to address many areas of your life – diet, exercise, lifestyle – to help you achieve the balance and harmony you deserve.

Change doesn't happen overnight, but it WILL happen, step by step... 

Where to find us

The Big Life Organics store is 10 minutes' walk from Haywards Heath railway station, with regular mainline services from London (40 minutes) and Brighton (20 minutes). London Gatwick Airport is a 15-minute train ride away. The local towns of Horsham and Lewes are easily accessible within half an hour.

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