Here are some delicious recipes for you to try.

Eight grain pancakes

I first tried this recipe when I was reading Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run, which has many good dishes to try out as well his own experiences as a wholefoods, plant-based athlete. At the time I wasn’t even sure I could name eight different types of flour. But the results are really delicious, perfect for a chilly Sunday morning in Derbyshire. Unlike pancakes made from just one grain, they sit lightly on the stomach and digest easily before I go out on a training run.

Feel free to experiment with various types of wholegrain flours. But it’s important to use a variety of flours in order to get the benefits of each grain. Today I made them with raspberries, but they are also excellent with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or grated apple, depending on the season.

Serves 2


I always get excited when I see Burdock growing wild. It is distinguishable by its huge basal leaves. However it takes a great deal of effort to dig one of these roots up. It has a slightly bitter taste and is very good for purifying the blood and to detoxify the liver. Burdock is also a tonic, it is high in vegetable protein and contains inulin the chemical source of insulin. This is a great accompaniment to a Seitan and a grain dish on cold winter night.
Serves 2